Registration and complete service to companies in Bulgaria

Registration and complete service to companies in Bulgaria



          Set up a company in Bulgaria and take advantage of the lowest tax rate in the European Union. The profits of local and foreign legal entities derived from a location of business activity within Bulgaria are subject to a corporate tax with a tax rate only 10 %. Business environment in Bulgaria offers the Bulgarian and foreign investors sustainable economic growth as well as low administrative and operating costs. The procedure for registration of a company in Bulgaria takes only a few days and it is possible to be performed remotely. The low minimum amount of the capital (2 BGN or 1 EUR) facilitates the formation of a commercial company (SoLLC, LLC, LTD.) in Bulgaria.

In connection with the establishment of companies in Bulgaria Law Office Todorov provides a service package including:

  • advice in the selection of a legal form and structure of a company
  • keeping of a business name
  • providing an address for correspondence
  • bilingual drafting of the whole set of constituent documents
  • assistance in the process of legalization, translation and certification of documents, issued by the authorities of a foreign state and necessary to serve before the Bulgarian institutions
  • assistance in notarization of constituent documents
  • opening of a fundraising account upon formation of a company
  • company registration in Bulgaria from a distance - for convenience of our Bulgarian and international customers we offer an opportunity for online registration of a company in Bulgaria without the customer having to be personally on the territory of the state
  • submission of the necessary for registration of a company documents and entry of a company in the Commercial Register within 2 business days

Services subsequent to the registration:

  • overall legal and accounting service to commercial companies
  • opportunity for long-term subscription service at optimal ratio of price and quality
  • opening a bank account (current, corporate) of a company and internet banking (e-banking)
  • registration of a company as a data controller
  • obtaining a certificate of good standing of a company
  • obtaining а company stamp
  • preparation of all types of documents related to the performance of business activity
  • submission of company documents for entry in the Commercial Register and other registers
  • entry of all types of changes of circumstances on the lot of a company - change of a business name, a seat and a registered office, change of a scope of activity, change of the management method and the members of the management body of a company, change of a partner, transfer and sale of a company share to a partner or to a third party, transfer and sale of stocks and change of the type of stocks, increase or decrease of the registered capital and others
  • registration of a branch of a company
  • implementation of references and representation of a company before the Registry Agency and other institutions
  • advice on obtaining licenses and permits for the exercise of certain commercial activities
  • advice on the acquisition of real estate and other tangible assets by a company
  • advice on personal and property insurance
  • registration of intangible assets of a company - trademarks, patents and others
  • consultations on tax, banking and accounting matters
  • preparation and filing of tax returns and other documents in the territorial divisions of the National Revenue Agency, National Statistical Institute, National Social Security Institute and other institutions
  • VAT registration
  • announcement of Annual financial statements (AFS)
  • preparation of documents for acquisition of a residence permit by a foreigner