Accounting services

Accounting services

Accounting services

Law Office „Todorov“ offers via partner accounting offices the following accounting services:


Comprehensive accounting service

  • accounting consultations on labor, tax and social security issues
  • opportunity for long-term subscription service at optimal ratio of price and quality
  • data processing with an accounting software, with the possibility of submitting information electronically
  • bookkeeping of business operations and transactions
  • verification, processing and storage of accounting documentation
  • preparation of the necessary information for the reporting ledgers - a purchase book and a sales book
  • registration and deregistration under the Value Added Tax Act (VAT Act)
  • preparation and filing of declarations under the VAT Act
  • preparation and submission of documents for VAT refund
  • preparation and submission of Intrastat declarations
  • preparation and submission of VIES returns
  • preparation of accounting policy and an individual chart of accounts
  • keeping of warehouse stocks
  • calculation of tax amortization
  • preparation and keeping of tax amortization plans for tax amortizable assets
  • processing of reports derived from fiscal devices / cash registers
  • processing of bank statements
  • preparation of payment orders for tax and social security obligations of companies to the state budget


Payroll and Personnel

  • preparation of employment contracts, annexes, additional agreements, job descriptions, orders for appointment, orders for termination of an employment relationship, rules for the internal labor order, schedules, applications, declarations and others and sending notifications of this to the relevant territorial directorates of the National Revenue Agency (NRA)
  • preparation and submission of notifications under Art. 62, Para. 4 and Art. 123, Para. 1 of the Labour Code
  • calculation and preparation of payrolls for salaries, leaves, business trips, labor and social security compensations
  • calculation of social and health insurance
  • preparation of payment documents for salaries, taxes and insurance
  • accounting of paid amounts
  • preparation of official notes and certificates for the staff
  • filling of work and insurance books
  • creation and maintenance of employment files of workers and employees
  • preparation of documents for retirement
  • preparation and submission of declarations sample 1, sample 3, sample 6 and others
  • preparation of reports, declarations, applications and other documents for the NRA
  • registration of sickness certificates for the National Social Security Institute (NSSI)
  • submission of declarations and applications in the NSSI
  • preparation and submission of documents in the National Statistical Institute (NSI)
  • preparation and submission of documents in the Labor Inspectorate (LI)
  • preparation and submission of documents in the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)
  • references and representation before the NRA, NSSI, NHIF, NSI, LI and other institutions
  • assistance in audits and checks


Tax services

  •   preparation and submission within a period of tax returns, tax reports, notifications, statements and other documents
  • preparation of payment documents for due taxes
  • analysis and assessment of tax acts, audit reports, audit acts, actions or inactions of bodies of the receivables and the public executors
  • assistance in all types of procedures at the NRA
  • consultations on the provision of the necessary information and documents for the NRA


Annual closure of accounts

  • preparation and submission of Annual financial statements (AFS)
  • preparation and filing of annual tax returns under the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act (ITNPA)
  • preparation and filing of annual tax returns under the Corporate Income Taxation Act (CITA)
  • preparation and submission of annual statistical reports to the National Statistical Institute (NSI)


Additional administrative services

  • assistance in Internet banking
  • registration of fiscal devices
  • obtaining of a certificate for the presence or absence of obligations
  • obtaining of a certificate of good standing of a company
  • preparation of the necessary documents for applying for credit
  • accounting consultations on the application of the separate types of licensing, permitting and registration regimes